Co-Founder and CEO – The Root Cause

Bel Smith – Co-Founder and CEO of The Root Cause

Bel Smith is one of Australia’s leading independent voices in children’s health and advocate for real food in schools in Australia. Bel says, “I am a mum on a mission to Transform Children’s Health, One Lunchbox At A Time”.  A mother, wife, Health & Wellness Coach and believer in empowerment through education together with her husband and CEO, The Root Cause took on the mission of Standing for Children’s Health. Fast forward a few years, The Root Cause has educated and empowered Children, Parents and Teachers, while keeping things fun. Throughout the journey, they’ve had the pleasure of visiting over 140 different schools nation-wide, meeting over 35,000 Teachers, Students and Parents through the Mad Food Science Program along the way.

The Root Cause has seen changes in families beyond expectations. They’re honoured that their work has been so inspirational that they now have an active network of Certified Instructors. Each of these wonderful Instructors have taken on the mission of Standing for Children’s Health and have trained up to deliver The Mad Food Science Program in their local communities across Australia.

TRC is creating a generation of healthy, food-literate children, through education programs, workshops, and other initiatives in schools and communities across Australia