If you would like your school to participate in the Ripple program, please complete the following form.  In doing so, please understand that Ripple does not have the capacity to partner with all schools, and will be prioritising schools that are:

  • Able to demonstrate a commitment to improving student resilience and self-confidence
  • Are willing to have Ripple survey their students to assess the relative needs of the school as part of the school partner selection process
  • Willing to commit to participate fully for a minimum of three years
  • Remote and/or complex (not a requirement, but will be prioritised)
  • Be prepared to co-fund some or all of the Booster school incursion component/s of the program (*full funding is provided for all other Ripple program components – Research (pre, ongoing and post program), Ripple Sets Classroom Platform, Resilience Resource Library)

Please complete the application form below:


The Ripple team will be delighted to provide further information about how they can tailor a wellbeing partnership with your school.

We hope to be of support to your team and share in your schools wellbeing journey.

Please contact our Ripple Ambassadors to learn more.