Ripple is an innovative program that tailors trusted and evidence-based programs to an individual school’s resilience support needs.


The inspiration for the program came from Ripple Founders and Philanthropists – Liz and Anthony Phillips.  As experienced educators and sports coaches they have a strong awareness of the importance of resilience and self-confidence in children and in life. Committed to making a positive difference in this area, they have invested heavily (through The Phillips Foundation) to bring Ripple into existence.

Ripple recognises that significant change takes time, which is why it is designed as a three-year partnership with schools.  Ripple also recognises that we can achieve more if we work together, which is why it is a collaborative program that brings together leading experts and providers to give the students in our partner schools the best available support. Ripple also recognises that it will not be able to partner with every school, which is why we are prioritising remote and complex schools.



Ripple was founded through the collaborative efforts of Liz and Anthony Phillips, Kristen Skinner and Andrew Kent.  Their efforts in early 2020, established a framework supported by a network of experts and providers that were capable of making a positive difference to the resilience and self-confidence of students in schools that chose to partner with Ripple, regardless of the schools location.


Liz Phillips
Co-Founder & Philanthropist


Anthony Phillips
Co-Founder & Philanthropist


Kristen Skinner
Co-Founder & Consultant


Andrew Kent
Co-Founder & Consultant

Delivery Team

To ensure every school gets the attention they need and deserve, Ripple is building a team of education experts that have a passion for student wellbeing and an understanding of remote and complex schools.

First among these is Sandi Carter.  A gifted educator who has had personal experience as a student of remote learning in outback Queensland; before attending boarding school for her high-school years. Sandi has also been a Teacher in Townsville and on Palm Island and brings a sharp mind as well as this priceless experience to the Ripple team.


Sandi Carter
Operational Lead

With student wellbeing becoming an increasingly significant issue, Andy Parthenopoulos stepped aside from his classroom role in 2020 to deliver school incursions on managing worries. A Master’s trained primary school educator, he also now tutors pre-service teachers and advises families on how they can best support their children’s learning from home. With such a wide breadth of expertise, Andy brings a variety of invaluable insights and experience to the Ripple team.


Andy Parthenopoulos
Ripple Leader & School Liaison

Resilience Experts and Research Partner

To facilitate this tailoring process, Ripple is working with the Young and Resilient Research Centre at Western Sydney University to deliver a collaborative and whole-of-community approach. Known as a Living Lab, this identifies the key resilience needs of students as well as priority areas for the school’s provision of support.

The ongoing research effort and tailored program design is also supported by Ripple specific data and analytic tools that ensure the privacy and security of individual data, whilst sharing key collective insights to the Ripple team and participating schools

Living Lab

Content Platforms

Ripple Sets

To deliver relevant content fit for every classroom, in a secure and appropriate manner, Ripple has customised the Champion Life application. Known as Ripple Sets, this content is sourced from a wide range of subject matter experts on physical health, mental wellbeing, and relationships.

Ripple also extends its support to parents, caregivers and teachers, by providing each participating school with a Resilience Resource Library that enables them to quickly and easily access tools and a wealth of information that can help them support the children in their care.


Ripple has been the beneficiary of an extraordinary collection of subject matter experts, who have willingly given their time and expertise because of a shared belief that we can all achieve so much more if we work together.